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The road to educating each other about how to spend our money

hypocrisy & deceit

The road to exposing the hypocrisy & deceit carried out by the left

despicable acts

The road to exposing the despicable acts carried out by the evil left

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The road to freely express yourself to any one person, company or group


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Demanding that justice be served against the corrupt and lawless

Your involvement is vital


This site relies heavily on your involvement in submitting content. Your help will allow the site to expand, which in turn will lead to a broader audience. Ten months ago, I started this journey that I believed in, and now I kindly ask for your help. In short, was created with you in mind.

The process, mindset, and purpose

about me & the site

From being rejected by several web developers to learning the ropes of web development (with the help of a third party application) and creating the site myself, I shed light on the obstacles (third party companies putting up barriers to stop me) I had to overcome to get here. I also chronicle my mindset behind my motivation for creating the site.


Discussion Feature

The ability to create a dialogue for users was a critical feature to incorporate. On the bottom of each sections page (hypocrisy/deceit, despicable acts, boycott/support, open letters, Investigate/litigate/incarcerate) you will find a discussion thread. There you can conversate amongst each other about the contents related to that specific section. The main discussion thread (general chat) for the site can be found on the “Patriot Chat” page. Links to the page can be accessed throughout the site via the header.

your input counts

The goal is to continue advancing the site by expanding its objective. Along the way, your input will be the deciding factor of any change. While creating the site, I had a couple of important decisions to make but wanted to leave it up to you guys to make them. Please provide your input by making a selection below. The selection with the most votes will be carried out. Side Note: Future polls will be conveyed via email, so please don’t forget to subscribe.

Poll: OPERATION EXPOSE official logo

Poll: OPERATION EXPOSE expansion

A look into the future

Strategies & objectives

Add & Expand site features

Adding and building on the discussion features. Making the site more interactive is a top priority. That said, your input/idea here would be great. Introducing a content rating system for users is another idea. The rating system would allow us to rate the content and automatically sort them from high to low.


Incorporating several charities on the site and generating exposure for their cause. Integrating them on the site will allow users to learn about their mission and donate.

Secure Billboards For Spreading Awareness

To promote the site and get it in front of as many people, I was thinking of advertising through the use of billboards. Specific areas would be targeted more than others. Your input/suggestion would be appreciated. Shoot me a message through the "contact me" page.

Launch an Operation Expose promotional products line

Selling promotional items with the site's logo/slogan will help advance the site's viewer base and purpose. An ideal route to spreading the word.

content submission form

exposing the left, one submission at a time

  • Your involvement is vital. Contributing content will be the primary reason for expanding the site, and establishing a comprehensive database will, in turn, aid in reaching a wider audience. 
  • Use this form solely for submitting content. Questions, comments, and suggestions should be submitted through the "Contact Me Page" by clicking anywhere within this box..
  • If you choose to stay anonymous, please ensure you mark "YES" on the form. On the flip-side, if you choose to be recognized for it, leave a name, assumed name, or nickname. 
  • For convenience, submission forms are located on the bottom of every "section" page (Despicable Acts, Boycott/Support, Open Letters & Hypocrisy/Deceit).
  • All metadata will be deleted prior to publication. 
  • Content can be shared by providing the URL (preferred) or via an attachment (e.g., the URL of a video clip on YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion)
  • Providing an email address is not required; however, please provide one if you would like a response or an update on your publication status. 


Operation Expose

The site’s goal is to provide a platform where we can collectively expose the left. If you believe in the site and want to see it expand, please tap the “donate” button to access the donate page.


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