Locking Evil Up

throwing them in jail is cure for democracy!

“We the people in order to form a more perfect union establish justice…”. Sound familiar? It’s the first line of the United States Constitution (preamble).

All too often, we see the underprivileged serving time for petty crimes (since they can’t afford representation) while those in a position of power get away with far worse. I’ve always wondered how the people committing illegal acts dodge justice. Hell, many of them don’t even get investigated. According to the United States Constitution, WE THE PEOPLE should have more input on OUR country. I understand that we choose our representatives to act on our behalf, but let’s be honest. Many of them only address, criticize, or confront the evil, yet never seek justice for their crimes. The only solution to having this country thrive again is to bring the corruption and lawlessness to an end. We accomplish that by forcing accountability within our system! It’s about time those in the position of power and wealth face investigations into their alleged crimes.

Many of these criminals continue to influence the country significantly. We’ve witnessed how some of their actions have negatively affected our personal lives in the last couple of years. I would love to ask these animals, why is it hard to do right by 300 million people? More importantly, why is it hard to do right by God? The simple answer is self-interest. Their souls have been demonized for their chance at power and money. That alone makes these individuals extremely dangerous.

Often, many commit the same crime repeatedly, conscious of the lack of criminal pursuit. Telling a billionaire to fork up $100 million as their punishment doesn’t cut it. This craziness will continue because no one will EVER stop or think twice about breaking the law unless accountably is pursued. Corruption, greed, and lawlessness will continue unless the fear of disciplinary action becomes the norm and resonates amongst all. If the fear is set in motion prior to the 2024 elections, then those thinking about committing crimes might just say “fuck that, it’s not worth it”.

We’re an extremely powerful group comprised of 80 million-plus Americans. As citizens of this country, together, we should demand that no one should be immune to justice. Position, power, or wealth should not be a lifeline to committing disgusting crimes. The left will continue to bully the right and lock inocent people up until  That’s where this movement will come to play a role. This movement will communicate the importance of investigating and seeking justice for those who break the law. We reside in a democracy-driven country, so it’s time to execute on the principles brought forth by our founding fathers.
This section will spotlight those deserving of an investigation. The names and pictures of the individuals alongside a brief description of their alleged crime will make the bulk of the content. A rating system will be implemented, allowing users to rate the severity of each crime. The higher the rating, the higher that person wins a spot on top. Consistent with the rest of the site, your input is essential. You will have the opportunity to submit anyone you deem should make it on the list. There will be a content submission form on the page to do just that.

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suitable offenders

jd ms


Jack Dorsey

The former Twitter CEO allegedly interfered with the election in multiple ways. Including censoring anti-Biden material.

Read my letter to "BIG TECH" 


participants of the Russian Hoax

Anyone who had ANYTHING to do with this sham should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, thrown in prison, and never let out into society! From lying to the FISA court, falsifying documents, and wire tapping a sitting president, this hoax was highly elaborate and illegal on all levels.


crooked hillary

From allegedly spying on President Trump to the allegations of her involvement with the bogus Russia hoax.


George Soros

At the minimum he's allegedly funded Antifa.

mw ms


Maxine Waters

The congresswoman allegedly incited violence on several occasions. On 2 separate occasions she told a group of supporters to become violent. Yet she has the audacity to say charge Trump for inciting violence when he didn't even incite violence!

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