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As celebrities, I would assume that you’re mindful of your off-screen roles as role models to your fans. Many of which include the younger generation. Unfortunately, as I look through the library of “Despicable Acts,” it’s undeniable that you’re failing miserably. Whether it’s Johnny Depp talking to a crowd about assassinating President Trump, Madonna fantasizing about blowing up the Whitehouse or a sick-minded animal who thinks it’s ok to hold a beheaded prop of President Trump’s head. At the minimum, these acts are heinous and evil. Kids idolize you and therefore look to you for positivity. So when such actions are carried out, kids will be inclined to think, “if he/she did that, then it’s acceptable.” You don’t get paid millions to play a character on screen to turn around and act like inhumane animals. If you were decent human beings, you would hold yourselves to a higher standard. Whether you supported Biden or hated Trump, you exposed your true selves to the world.

Sadly, many of you forget that it’s people like us who MADE YOU. It’s because of us you’re filthy rich. It’s because of us you’re living in a mansion and driving Lambos. You appear to overlook the fact that we can just as quickly destroy you (which I’m planning on doing regardless). We are 80 million-plus strong. That’s over 80 million people who will boycott your asses and leave you fending for roles. That’s 80 million people who hate your guts and what you represent.

Suppose you were just as critical of the current administration for all the inhumane policies they’ve put in place. Then maybe, just maybe, you would get a pass. But that’s not the case. God forbid if you criticize a left-wing president. I’ve yet to hear you criticize the Biden administration for his disaster at the southern border; you know the disaster that included hundreds of COVID deaths and rapes. Not to mention many of the rape victims were young children. You kept silent on the disastrous withdrawal in Afghanistan, which led me to the most disturbing act of silence I’ve witnessed. A majority of you at no time publicly acknowledged or sent your condolences to the 13 service members who lost their lives FOR US!. At no time have you come out to criticize the Biden administration for the number of failed policies, yet you were quick to jump down President Trump’s throat for some bullshit that was never even true!. When Biden executes his withdrawal plan and kills 13 marines in the process, you all sit on your cold ass AND SAID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I’ve concluded that you’re all part of the problem and among the devil’s inner circle. 

There’s nothing the left can do to stop you from obsessing over them, and that that includes lying and stealing your money. When fake news outlets were reporting certain races were extremely close, you fell straight into their trap. You were led to believe certain races were awfully close, therefore opening your wallets to donate would assist in sealing the win. Well, as you’ve found out yourself, Linsey Graham and Susan Collins, to name a few, went on to win by over 8 percent!

It’s evident why the Hollywood industry exhibits this type of culture. In essence, they are playing a role in the real world. In other words, they have to act and think in a specific way to be accepted. Whether you’re a liberal or not, there are rules to abide by. If you’re a liberal, make sure you attack the other side and never criticize the left. If you’re a conservative, you should keep your fuckin mouth shut, or else 1. Future roles will be limited at best, 2. Others in the industry will bully and shame you, and 3. You’ll get kicked out of the Hollywood circle.

You guys are part of the evil that divided this country, and unfortunately, we don’t have a voice within Hollywood to stand up for us, 80 million-plus of us. Conservative celebrities are afraid to speak their mind and stand up for the people of this country. Instead of using their platform to spread our message of positivity, truth, and unity, they’ve convinced themselves that silence is their best course of action (more on this in my letter to them).

You will continue to get away with all this bullshit because you’ll continue making millions off your roles. As a result, I’m hopeful the “Boycott” movement takes off, thus having a significant impact. Once you see your projects grossing less than half of what they used to, you will have a better understanding of the power we hold. At that point, we’ll be anticipating an apology letter, and it will be up to us individually to accept or decline it. Have a good day!


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