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In similar fashion to Big Tech, President Trump single-handedly destroyed you guys. Your ratings plummeted, your reputation went to shit, you gained the nickname of “Fake News,” and most importantly, the devil within you was exposed. In the end, the smear campaigns, lies, and attacks against President Trump equated to his increase in popularity and decrease in yours.


You played a significant role in nearly driving this country to the brink of civil war. So much so that it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that indeed was your plan.


Your derangement stems from your hatred towards one human. Take a second and think about this. You caused chaos in the streets, pinned the people of this country against each other, spewed hate to levels that the world has never seen, and articulated one hoax after another. All for what? You couldn’t handle President Trump for another four years. Your hatred was so great that you began hating his supporters—all 75 million-plus of them. Not only did you hate them, but you looked to humiliate them, belittle them and treat them like animals.


I get it. The day President Trump came down those escalators’ you had the first-ever reality check. The reality of being powerless for four years didn’t sit well with you guys. That’s why within a week of being inaugurated, you were pushing the “Russian election collusion” and attempting to push for President Trump’s impeachment. Oh my, the hypocrisy in that makes me laugh. Your blatant disregard for unbiased/accurate reporting makes your outlets nothing but a propaganda machine for the left. The Atlantic, for example, decides to concoct a story of President Trump calling soldiers who died in war “suckers.” Immediately followed by other fake news outlets reporting it. Ultimately the plan failed and backfired. It’s obvious why the attempt was made. You were mindful of his immense support from the military. The support he earned from his compassion and love towards our brave men and women. So what does someone do when they near defeat? In your case, you attempt one hell of a hail mary. An attempt that amounted to nothing more than manipulation and deceit. All in a last-ditch effort to change the perception of President Trump and ultimately change their votes. What’s absurd is the fact that the “source” who fed those lies continues to remain anonymous as of this writing. Aside from that FACT, several other discrepancies have since been brought to light. All the make-believe stories have one thing in common. They start with one fake news outlet initiating it while others piggyback it.


Throughout this reign of terror, hundreds of businesses burned to the ground, countless lives were lost, families were torn apart, and hate became the norm amongst Americans. One day it will all catch up to you, and you will regret the evil you spewed. Rather than maintaining your journalistic reputations, you abandoned it to pursue division and hate. The Trump derange syndrome got the best of you. Like Big Tech you sacrificed EVERYTHING to keep your grip on “power.” You misled your viewers by providing them false, over-the-top, fictional stories. You refused to credit President Trump for any of his historic achievements. Hell, you never even mentioned them. In short, you kept silent on negative yet ACCURATE Biden stories while fabricating others about President Trump.


Do you recall the Trump rallies? The ones you attended with 50,000 plus Trump supporters. You didn’t go there to broadcast the President’s speech to the country. Instead, you took snippets of his speech, twisted his words, and plastered them on your fake news networks. At one point, CNN was asked, “why is CNN refusing to cover the President’s speech?”. CNN’s response: “it’s full of lies and falsehoods.” I’m not a rocket scientist, but common sense tells me showing President Trump “spewing lies” would be beneficial for fake news. You would think televising your opponent lying would be advantageous. What better way to ruin him than to allow him to spew “lie” after “lie” on a national stage. Your decision to yank his speeches from your airwaves doesn’t compare to the stupidity of your justification. These are just a few of the many tactics pulled on the American people. You are leading to what I believe is brainwashing at its finest.


My Final Thought: Interfering with an election is a federal law and is punishable by extensive jail time. One day the truth will come to light. The master plan(s) and alliances will be exposed. With that will come criminal justice, prison time, and accountability. Subsequently striking fear in the minds of anyone looking to betray the people of this country.




Admin Patriot


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