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I honestly don’t know where to begin, but I’ll try my best to make it short.

As a conservative who loves this country going on this journey was a no brainer. I wouldn’t have built this platform had I thought that the support wouldn’t be there. I’ve learned throughout the last year that we’re one family fighting for a common cause. A cause that will lay the foundation of the country our kids will grow up in. As a conservative, I’ve been shocked at the events the country endured the last year and a half and continues to endure. Day and night, I ask myself why and how? Why and how is this happening to this country? Why and how can corporations, the media, and big tech be allowed to continue to feed fuel to the fire destroying this country? Why are they so evil that they do it at the expense of thousands of deaths and torched businesses? When will it stop? Are they waiting to accomplish what they set out to accomplish? It’s gotten so bad that these evil animals celebrate tragedy (Ex: COVID, mass shootings) because they view it as a catalyst to their narrative.

I tried to study the issues by doing what a majority of us do, google them. When googling, I was only able to come across pro-left articles. Articles that I would eventually come to realize fed their plan. My next move was to start speaking up through different social media platforms. Unfortunately for me, that didn’t last long. Social media platforms suspended my accounts despite not breaking any of their rules. Instead, I was expressing my viewpoint, which was the opposite of theirs.

Getting here was challenging. Due to the nature of the site I was forced to change host servers twice. Not because they kicked me out but because the lack of technical support I received. I would have reps ask me “so what is the site all about? What type of content will you be having on it? Who is your target audience? Questions that didn’t pertain to my underlying issue. Getting hung up on was a frequent occurrence. If I had to take an educated guess, it was related to my domain name and the site’s content. There were times I wanted to give up yet continued to push forward. The thought of the site becoming beneficial to our country was my motivation to push forward. Even if the change is small, it’s for the tens of millions of us who love this country. Giving up amounted to betraying the country that’s done so much for my family and me. It was evident at that point, giving up was not an option.

The urge to help people wake up and see the truth was eating at me. My mind was racing with thoughts. How big tech, politicians, and fake news outlets were getting away with so many lies was astonishing to me. Not only getting away with telling lies and false narratives but also holding back and censoring anything and everything remotely right-wing. I repeatedly asked myself what I could do to express my thoughts, expose the left, and bring the truth to the forefront? I wanted a platform where I could reach as many people as possible without the fear of being censored or shut down. That’s when operationexpose.com was born. What better than developing a website? A website that would rely heavily on user engagement while allowing it to reach the masses. Designed for the people, to be built upon by the people.

Going into this, I never spent a second developing a website. I reached out to a couple of web developers and, without even getting into the site’s specifics, but instead generalizing it as right-wing, was enough to get rejection after rejection. That didn’t stop me. Instead, that fueled me to try even harder. I decided to learn everything on my own, self-fund it, and start from scratch. I’m not rich; I’m just an average middle-class guy. I took the risk of investing my own money because no risk is greater than revealing/exposing the truth to save this country. It took sleepless nights, working 8 hour days, abandoning family time (including spending time with my toddler), overcoming site-related obstacles to get here. There were always two options: 1. give up over a stupid reason which I could overcome, or 2. I fight for our country by exposing the evilness of the left. Clearly, I decided to go with the latter.

about the site

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Site’s Mission: To come together for a common goal. Building a website aimed at being the central hub for exposing the left. No conspiracies. Only facts followed by evidence. 

Consider OperationExpose.com to be the foundation for pursuing the goal of the mission. A platform so strong, it will last an eternity with infinite room for expansion. A platform worthy of the greatest country in the world. A platform big enough to voice the opinion of an otherwise silenced majority.

A site with the intention of being built for the people, by the people. A platform on which the people would be heard, not silenced. I created this site with the idea that its users will be its publishers. It relies heavily on your involvement in contributing content and spreading the word of its existence. To maximize user input, polls will be taken regarding aspects of the site (including the current three polls on the home page). They can range from content ideas, the appearance of the site, the future of the site, and at times will include comical ones. The site will inevitably grow into something beautiful.

So here it is. The FOUNDATION. The foundation for us to begin to build on. Together we’ll build a database exposing those who feed off manipulation and lies—like with any site or company, spreading the word and promoting the site is crucial. Getting it into the hands of the other side is even more critical. Unfortunately, they don’t see the truth. The fake news continues to feed them lies while holding back the truth. On the other end, you have big tech censoring anything and everything anti-left while promoting anti-right material. Please share the site with family/friends and throughout your social media platforms. Feel free to forward any thoughts/concerns/ideas you might have through the “contact me” page.

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