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Directed towards Twitters Jack Dorsey, Googles Sundar Pichai & Facebooks Mark Zuckerberg

President Trump was, is, and will continue to be victorious against you. Think about the damage one person was able to do. Three of the most influential companies in the world have been attempting to bring one person down. Sadly, for you guys, you have yet to accomplish that goal. Instead, you’ve done just the opposite. Why are you trying so hard? Let me take a stab at it. Is it because he’s the only person in the world who has ever put up a fight against you while fighting for the American people. If it weren’t for your hatred towards him and this country, the evil wouldn’t have shined as dark. Little did the world know you are as evil as they come. You would give the devil a good fight. Your blatant attempt at brainwashing & silencing Americans is appalling. Conservative Americans, to be specific. The extent of election inference carried out by you is utterly mind-blowing.

Your coordinated efforts to censor anything anti-Biden were evident (for example, the Hunter Biden scandal). Also apparent are the extraordinary steps taken to tarnish the reputation of a sitting president. Whether it’s Twitter withholding pro-Trump hashtags from populating, Facebook actively censoring anti-biden material, or Google burying anti-biden articles while headlining anti-Trump ones. That’s just naming a few. You three have played a collosol role in this divisive climate. Tragically, you sit back, laugh, and enjoy it play out in front of you.

You know what baffles me the most. The very country that allowed you corrupt people to become billionaires is the country you’re trying to ruin. If it wasn’t for the 1st amendment none of you guys would be where you are. No other country in the WORLD would have allowed you to become this successful. No other country in the world provides you the freedom to establish such companies. Now, you’re taking the very same principles that brought you success, away from the people of this country.

You’ve conducted yourselves selfishly while disregarding your employees, investors, consumers, and, more importantly, the people of this great country. Your actions have had a negative ripple effect on your businesses. You see that now more than ever, from competition entering your space to a steady decline in your userbase. What I can’t seem to rap my head around is your blatant disregard for over 80 million Americans. Your hate for us is apparent, and it demonstrates the scope of your desire to maintain power. You would risk losing your customer base to sustain your grip on power, and that in of itself is evil. Note to investors: SELL!

When you take away our 1st amendment rights and attempt to silence us, you’re accomplishing everything opposite of your goal. What you’ll end up learning from us is that your actions motivate us to fight (not physically!). With the help of your newly established competitors, we will continue to spread our message and fight for the soul of this country.

One can only be so evil and bold before one loses the battle. We live in a country of law and order (bring back memories?). More importantly, a country that everyone should be treated equally. With that in mind, I’ll say this. Consequences follow all crimes. Ask yourselves. Do you think a coordinated attack on a sitting president and of this magnitude will disappear over time? Take it from me boys, the determination in your pursuit to silence us, fool us, and disrespect us will be amplified in our pursuit for justice. Criminal Justice!

It might not be today or a year from now, but I promise you justice will ultimately knock on your mansion doors. The 80 million-plus conservatives you all hate so much will fight for the criminal prosecution of all three of you (and anyone else who was bold enough to interfere in an election). We’ll demand justice. We’ll demand that you’ll be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. You billionaires have gotten used to paying your fines and buying yourselves out of trouble. This time it’s going to be different. A lot different. The same way you fought so hard to silence us, we will fight back harder to silence you—the hell with trying to get rid of Article 230. Holding the parties criminally responsible for crimes against this country is a much more powerful message. A message that will make anyone think twice before attempting to betray this country. Until these “slap on the wrist” “punishments” go away, your evil souls will continue to spew chaos. All in the name of power.

Call me weird, but as I sit here writing this letter, I’m picturing the day where federal agents are knocking on your doors, dragging you out of your mansions, interrogating you, and charging you with several federal crimes. You might have each other’s back for now, but believe me, when push comes to shove and your asses are shaking, sweating, and crying in that cold room, your bromance will be non-existent. You will sing like birds, and that “almighty power” feeling you guys love to possess will be dismantled. That’s when you’ll finally be brought back to earth and understand you’re an ordinary civilian like the rest of us.

I’ll leave you with this. While lying on your luxury beds, make sure you understand that jail is imminent and will be your reality. Maybe not today or a year from now, but it’s written somewhere in your life story. A 6×6 room with a toilet occupying 1×1 of it will be your future stomping grounds.

This will end up being your logo. Just saying.


Admin Patriot


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