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The site’s mission is to bring light to the evil brought on by the left’s monopoly over corporate America and the culture at large. The only way to fight back is to expose the left for what they are. Getting this website in front of as many people as possible is critical for reaching its goal, from marketing to expanding the discussion element. The opportunities are endless. This is just the start of what Operation Expose is set to offer. More importantly, I would love to hear from you. If you have an idea, please share it. 

Some might question why Operation Expose was established as an LLC rather than a Non-Profit. After thorough research and seeking advice from an attorney, I decided to incorporate Operation Expose as an LLC. The disadvantages facing an NPO strongly outweighed its advantages. I’ve listed the primary reasons below:

1. Laws associated with a “not for profit” are intense. IRS looks at these companies with an extra pair of eyes. That includes maintaining detailed records 2. Capital intensive. Requires hiring an attorney and accountant. Filing fees are about three times more than an LLC 4. Anonymity is out the door as everything must be made public, including member names 5. Generally, a non-profit is established for the public’s interest. You know how that would go these days. It would cause a firestorm of controversy that would only bring with it a shit ton of backlash.

I have big plans for the future of the website. Many of which I would love to roll out soon. From upgrading the site’s dialogue/chatting element to marketing ideas to possibly hiring a web developer to help add new features and maintain the site. If you believe in what stands for, please donate what you can. Only donate if it’s financially feasible to do so. 

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A look into the future

Strategies & objectives

Add & Expand site features

Adding and building on the discussion features. Making the site more interactive is a top priority. That said, your input/idea here would be great. Introducing a content rating system for users is another idea. The rating system would allow us to rate the content and automatically sort them from high to low.


Incorporating several charities on the site and generating exposure for their cause. Integrating them on the site will allow users to learn about their mission and donate.

Secure Billboards For Spreading Awareness

To promote the site and get it in front of as many people, I was thinking of advertising through the use of billboards. Specific areas would be targeted more than others. Your input/suggestion would be appreciated. Shoot me a message through the "contact me" page.

Launch an Operation Expose promotional products line

Selling promotional items with the site's logo/slogan will help advance the site's viewer base and purpose. An ideal route to spreading the word.

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