By: The Admin Patriot

To: The Greatest Leader The World Has Ever Seen - President Donald J. Trump

Exposed By One – Demeaned By Many – Loved By Millions

Dear Mr. President,

What you’ve done for us and this country is truly remarkable. Not only with the endless number of policy successes but also the unmasking of a corrupt system put in place at the expense of the American people. Your courage to expose is unparalleled. The only president who did what he said he would do. The only president who didn’t tell the American people lies to earn their vote, only to turn his back on the people who placed him into office.

You have taught us the most important lessons, lessons of which would have never been taught if you were not elected president. The movement you created laid the foundation for the future of our country.

Prior to 2016 I lived life without the understanding of how fortunate I was to live in this country. I’ve personally never experienced living in a country that doesn’t allow freedom for its people. That all changed when you began to unravel the evil the left has successfully and rapidly carried out throughout the country. Since Biden took office, I can’t seem to think of anything other than the terms “communism” & “dictatorship.” I started to envision my family and I living in a country where communism & dictatorship were the way of life. You made me appreciate the United States more than I ever had. The freedoms we have don’t come easy and a lot of times come at the ultimate cost: the loss of our brave men and women. The men & women who’ve fought for this country and our freedoms but rarely get the recognition & respect they deserve. On January 20th, 2016 you set out to make sure our military and its members were respected, treated well, and were safe. The world knew how much you loved them and with that understanding no country, throughout your 4 years, sought to test you. You were a president the world took seriously, and your “successor” makes that truth more evident now than ever.

No one would even dare to take on the deep state (which I believe includes big tech, fakenews, and the swamp). You exposed these monsters for who they are. You opened my eyes and the eyes of tens of millions of Americans to their obsession for power. More importantly you made us mindful of their sick tactics. Some of which include manipulation & censoring.

If asked 5 years ago to believe the events that have unfolded the last couple years can transpire in this country, I would’ve simply responded by saying “no way, not in the United States.” But now, you’ve taught me that no country, even the United States, is immune to the influence of totalitarians seeking power at all costs. Thanks to you, President Trump, I have a deeper understanding of the evil surrounding us.

You’ve exposed fake news outlets for exactly what they are. You have tarnished their reputation in a way that they can never recover. Your patriotism and unwavering commitment to fighting for the American people, even in the face of a historic, coordinated campaign of lies and disinformation by the left and its lapdog media revealed your true love for us. Fake news is the propaganda machine for the left. Their hatred has no limits. You have tarnished their reputation in a way that they can never recover. And while the credibility (and the ratings) of fake news media has cratered, you will be regarded as the greatest president in American history. That, sir, made you the winner.

You have singlehandedly disrupted the big tech corporations. You’ve shown the world their one-sided agenda. You’ve proved they’ll do anything to censor content opposing their agenda. Even at the cost of impinging the free speech rights of millions of American citizens. The CEO’s of these companies are pure evil and let’s face it, they don’t care about anyone but themselves. They try to control what we think, what we say, how we say it, and when we say it. That alone should scare the daylights out of anyone.

You have exposed Barack Hussein Obama, Crazy Nancy, Schumer, RINOS, & the rest of the elitist gang to unparalleled levels. All for good reason. Reasons that were unknown to so many of us prior to January 20th, 2016.

Simply put, you have caused collateral damage to a system unworthy of the American people and to levels that the world has never seen.

The left’s hatred for you is evident. They despised you for exposing them and would stop at nothing to ruin you. Sadly, for them they misfired. Just look at your election numbers for proof. You had the most powerful companies, politicians, individuals and groups attempting to bring you down but yet you managed to break multiple election records. That in itself should tell anyone a whole lot. You were crushing Biden so bad on election day that somehow the last 5 states (swing states, of course) ended up pausing their vote count, only to resume the next day to franticly execute their last minute plan.

All these people have one thing in common. They will stop at nothing to reach their goal. Sadly, that includes the loss of human life and pitting the people of this country against each other. Collectively they’ve caused the greatest divide in the history of this country and possibly the world. All for what? They wanted you out of office? Why did they want you out so bad? It’s easy to see why. They saw you as their enemy because you were an ally to the American people. They knew that would leave them powerless. Power is what motivates them, nothing else. Even more so than money. In my humble opinion, I believe the events leading up to and during the 2020 election were concocted to take you out. With big tech, fake news & Washington at the helm. I believe they got together, threw up a game plan, and executed on it. What they fail to understand is that you’ll be back in 2024 and soon after that the dominos will start to fall and fall hard.

I will forever be grateful for your courage, love, loyalty, honesty & dedication to the American people. You set out to make this country a better place. You set out to focus on us and no one else. You set out to make our lives and the lives of our families more comfortable. Well sir you accomplished your goals and so much more. I will be forever grateful for opening my eyes to the corruption implanted by the left into so many sectors of our society. I will forever be grateful for you humbling me and helping me to realize that living in this country is a privilege and therefore should be treated as such. I’m grateful for the laughs you brought my family and I. Whether it was blasting the fake news during one of your rallies or shutting down a reporter. The most important thing you brought into my life is hope. Hope that this country will ultimately thrive in the manner that our founding fathers envisioned. It happened for four good years and now we need to do our part to get the right people into congress to help follow your footsteps.

Lastly, you unlocked this country’s potential to levels never seen before. We all know you didn’t do this for money. Instead you took the job for us and the country. You took more hate in 4 years than anyone has received in their lifetime. Yet you never stopped fighting for us. You never gave up on us. Instead you kept your head high and focused on the task at hand. From one patriot to another, thank you Mr. President for an amazing ride! I pray and truly believe that this ride just wanted to take a timeout but will start back where it left off.

From the tens of millions of us we want to say thank you for putting us first. We love you, support you, and will forever be grateful.


Admin Patriot/Huge Supporter


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