By: The Admin Patriot

To: The swamp & its posse

The world has witnessed your hatred for President Donald Trump since the day he took office. Your relentless efforts to take him out of office are savage and disgusting! More than 75 million Americans voted for him. Yet, you continued to ignore the American people for nothing more than self-interest, from the Russian hoax, fabricated documents (steel Dossier), conducting illegal surveillance of a SITTING PRESIDENT, to the baffling audacity of lying to the FISOR court. It goes to show that you would stop at nothing to get it your way. 

I thought going after a sitting President would be the lowest scheme you guys would execute, but sadly, I was wrong. Who would have thought? Politicians would refuse to condemn the violence and destruction brought on by Antifa. Then take it a step further and promote the violence on a public platform. There’s no denying your intentions. Your blatant disregard for human life is horrifying. Oddly enough, you conspired to remove President Trump from office for “inciting violence.” Another political ploy to take out what you considered to be your enemy. One might ask, why is he your enemy? Because he was a president for the American people. Something you cowards don’t like because it goes against every fiber of your evil soul. You’ve made it blatantly apparent that you don’t represent us. One instance (amongst hundreds of your evil acts) stands to prove that line of thought. One that millions of Americans and I would like answers to. You knew the chips were stacked against you before filing articles of impeachment, yet you proceeded with the trial. 

  1. You knew the votes weren’t there to impeach him.
  2. President Trump’s term had ended, and therefore the trial was unconstitutional and wouldn’t serve its purpose.

With those in mind, you continued to move forward with the impeachment. As a result, the passage of the COVID rescue plan was put on the backburner. Impeaching President Trump (post-term!) was more urgent than providing relief to the American people DURING WHAT YOU GUYS CALL THE WORST PANDEMIC EVER. Yet, you still want us to take the virus seriously. Instead of working across party lines and passing a relief bill for struggling Americans, you decide to play your sick fuckin games. Fortunately, you failed miserably at your attempts to keep President Trump from running in 2024. Get it through your heads. He will be back in 2024!

I give credit when credit is due. The one area I’ll credit you guys for is the loyalty amongst yourselves. Rarely do you have people in your party siding with the other side? You stick together, vote together, and back each other no matter the circumstance, including praising a Governor implicated in a string of sexual assault allegations. I’m convinced evil will support evil, but I’m certain evil will always be accompanied by the Lord’s wrath. 

Your inhumane-heartless-unsympathetic-savage-compassionless- barbarous-cold blooded-uncaring-selfish- souls should shock any average person to their core. From the disaster, you’ve created on the southern border to the heartless-cynical takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban. It seems to me that all your “policies” have dangerous implications on human life. Unfortunately, none of these implications will stand in your way of feeling powerful. Power is what you evil people love to have and you’ll stop at nothing to accomplish it.

I can go on to write another ten pages on you evil people, but doing so will get me angrier. With each word I type or each sentence I form, sadness and anger take over. For my sanity, I’ll stop here and leave you with one final yet powerful statement. 

You’ve made it abundantly clear that no one person, thing, or situation will change your ways. Your goal is your goal, and nothing will restrain you from pursuing it. Let me give you my opinion. When entering the scene, there’s one person who will make a statement, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Our Lord and Savior will reign fury on your souls, and defeat will be your ultimate outcome. 

Romans 2:6-8: He will render to each one according to his works: to those who by patience in well-doing seek for glory and honor and immortality, he will give eternal life; but for those who are self-seeking and do not obey the truth, but obey unrighteousness, there will be wrath and fury.



Admin Patriot


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